Land Surveying

In perhaps no single area of the surveying profession are the benefits of recent technological advances more apparent than in the composition of topographic design surveys. Throughout Ehrhart Griffin and Associates' twenty eight year history, we have placed a consistent emphasis on realizing the benefits of such advances for our clients, an emphasis that continues today with our use of the most up-to-date surveying equipment and computer software available.

When in the field our experienced crews collect data with state-of-the-art Leica (Robotic)Total Stations and GPS. Both with on-board data collection via PCMIA cards. In the office, our professional drafting staff utilizes the most advanced Computer Aided Drafting and Design ("CADD") software on the market, drafting exclusively with AutoCAD/Softdesk. These technologies not only insure the highest quality work product, but also allow us to work at top efficiency to keep your costs to a minimum. Ehrhart Griffin and Associates has a wide range of experience in providing quality design surveys for architectural and engineering design on all types of projects.

We are dedicated to providing the most thorough site surveys possible through investigative property and utility research, potential site problem analysis and conflict resolution. We are also mindful of the time constraints often placed on preliminary design projects, and are therefore ready to respond quickly to the special needs of our clients.

“Ehrhart Griffin & Associates has shown long-lasting commitment to NuStyle Development. Their hard work and dedication have been a vital part in the success of many renovations”. NuStyle Development, Omaha, NE.

The establishment of deed lines and the resolution of boundary questions are at the heart of the surveying profession, and it is in these areas that our professional expertise is often most beneficial to our clients.

Ehrhart Griffin and Associates has extensive experience with ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys and boundary surveys. Our projects have extended throughout Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa, providing us with an intimate familiarity with the local regulations and procedures involved in these surveys. Our expertise in this area is available for virtually any boundary question, from routine inquiries to consultation and assistance with complex property litigation.

Public land monument or section corner surveying is also of great importance to our clients. Through a combination of meticulous field investigation and careful research of state monument archives and Bureau of Land Management records, we are able to ensure a correct application of the detailed methods necessary for the retracing and proper positioning of historical and geographical monuments.

The subdivision process typically takes surveyors through the complete cycle of the land planning process, and Ehrhart Griffin and Associates' experience in this segment of the surveying industry amply qualifies us to assist you in all aspects of the process. We pay special attention to the need to resolve the often unseen conflicts that can arise between highly specific regulatory requirements and more generalized but equally important design considerations, thereby helping our clients strike the balance necessary for success in the annexation and subdivision processes.

Ehrhart Griffin and Associates serves clients on a full range construction surveying assignments, including residential, commercial building and parking, highway, subdivision, utility and creek rehabilitation projects.

Easements often present unique problems in the negotiation and establishment of deed rights, a fact that often goes unnoticed when parties overemphasize the so-called "big picture". Ehrhart Griffin and Associates is well versed in locating easements, writing easement descriptions, interpreting easement clauses, and determining reversionary rights. In short, we recognize that with easements, as with virtually every aspect of professional surveying, the devil is in the details. Easements are a unique consideration in establishment of boundaries and deed rights.